Client obligations for live-in nannies

Nov 15, 2022

The client hereby agrees to provide the following to a live-in nanny:

  • Her own bedroom with windows.
  • Her own bed.
  • Her own bathroom or access to a shared bathroom facility, which has running hot and cold water, with a reasonable amount of private time.
  • An area where the nanny can enjoy some privacy, in the form of her own bedroom, a living area, etc.
  • An area where the nanny can prepare and make meals such as a kitchen or a stove top located in the nanny’s bedroom unless meals are provided to the nanny; and
  • Electrical points which the nanny can use for things such as charging their cell phone, laptop, etc.
  • While the above requirements are the minimum requirements for live-in nannies, the agency encourages clients to recognise the value in making the nanny feel comfortable and welcome. A relaxed and well-cared for nanny will always be in a better position to assist with your children in a better manner.

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