Nov 15, 2022

  • “Caregiver” means a family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or a sick, elderly, or disabled person.
  • “Full day” means a booking of 9 hours (which includes a 1-hour break). “Half a day” will mean 4 hours and does not include a break.
  • “Full-time” means a nanny who works on average 45 hours in a week or otherwise 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.
  • “Nanny” or “nannies” means someone who is predominantly responsible for child minding (i.e., looking after children) but may include someone who also performs ad-hoc cleaning tasks as the need arises.
  • “Domestic nannies” are domestic workers first and foremost ‒ but are willing and able to take care of the client’s child on occasion. They are not considered to be professional child minders and their focus remains on household chores. They are still, however, required to be qualified as a child minder.
  • “Domestic worker” means a person who is paid to help with cleaning and other menial tasks in a client’s home.
  • “Permanent” means a nanny who has been given a permanent employment agreement to sign or someone who has been working for the client for more than 3 months. The number of hours a nanny works does not affect their permanent status.
  • “A temporary placement” means any placement whereby the candidate is placed in the client’s employ for not less than 1 month and not more than 3 months or 90 days.
  • A temporary placement can be requested via two means: either by contacting the agency directly via email, telephone, etc. or online via the booking process.
  • “Permanent placement fee” is the fee payable to the agency when it assists the client with a permanent placement.
  • “Temporary placement fee” is the fee payable to the agency when it assists the client with a temporary placement.
  • “The parties” means the person/employer registered with the agency as a client for the purpose of finding a suitable candidate, and the candidate who will serve as the employee of the employer/client.

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