Nov 15, 2022

  • It is the responsibility of the client to present a written contract to the candidate before the start date if the client wants the candidate to sign it.
  • Payment in full of the placement fee is required before the candidate can commence working with the client.
  • All placement fees are payable by bank transfer to the agency on the acceptance of the placement of the candidate within 48 hours from the date of invoice and prior to the candidate’s start of employment. The client will be held responsible for bypassing the agency in cases where the client failed to inform the agency about the start of employment.
  • Under no circumstances is the placement fee refundable after the client has approved the candidate, the candidate has accepted the offer of engagement with the client, and the candidate is due to start or has started employment. Acceptance of an offer does not imply the signing of a contract; it is sufficient that the parties agreed and that they confirmed their intention to the agency, telephonically, via WhatsApp or by email. Please refer to the “Replacement” section of these terms and conditions.
  • If another agency sends the same profile of a candidate already sent by our agency and if the client wants to hire that specific candidate, the client has to pay the placement fee to our agency as the effective cause of the placement. The agency is therefore entitled to the placement fee as the party who sent/submitted the profile first after having obtained the candidate’s permission to release their details to that specific client for that specific vacancy.
  • No candidate will be permitted to continue working for the client if all agency placement fees have not been paid in full.
  • Should the placement fee not be settled within 48 hours of the placement and prior to the candidate’s start of employment, a late payment penalty of R50.00 per day will be levied until such time as the fees are settled.
  • In the event of the client failing to make payment on the due date as stated, the client acknowledges that the full amount together with costs and interest will become due and payable without further notice and that the creditor’s rights against the client shall not be deemed to have been waived should the agency accept any late payment from the client.

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