Nanny placements – How our process works:

  1. Register as an employer under the “Find your perfect match” tab in the menu
  2. Pay R400 non-refundable registration fee, payable immediately.

Pay online with our trusted pay gate partner or EFT with our banking details:
The Nanny Movement Recruit
FNB – Check account
Account number: 63028553831

  1. As soon as we get your registration and registration fee, we will start with your job card. 
Why a registration fee?

As soon as we receive your registration, we use our time and resources to assist you until the placement is successful. Not all registrations lead to successful placements, but a service was still rendered to you. Unfortunately, we cannot render that service for free.

  1. When you register you must select a placement package. Each package offers different services. The biggest difference is the guarantee period.
What is the guarantee period?

Our guarantee period is a time frame where we give you a safety net, that if anything goes wrong, you can let us know immediately and we will start the process again so you can choose a replacement at no extra costs. Unfortunately, if you want a replacement outside your 30/60/90 days, it will be regarded as a new placement.

There are 5 Nanny placements packages

Please click on the links below, to read about our 5 packages:

No nanny/Childcare/Caregiver services are covered in the Domestic Worker Package

Employers who want to appoint a temporary Nanny placements, must still follow the registration process & pay the registration fee.

Please note: All our Nanny placements fees are once-off, and only payable when we have successfully placed someone with you.
All salaries and UIF are between the employee and the employer.

Temporary placement

Please contact us regarding any temporary placement

from 1 day, 1 week to 4 months.

Package Includes:

  • Telephonic consultations with a recruiter
  • Vetting of CV’s
  • Arrange interviews
  • Criminal record report
  • 7-day guarantee period
  1. When we receive your registration, one of our recruiters will contact you. And make sure we understand your registration correctly.
  1. The recruiter will then identify ladies that suit your job description. Your job card will be sent to the identified ladies, they will see your salary, days of the week, and all-important information, and then they will notify us if they are interested and if they are satisfied with what is on offer.
  1. The recruiter will then send you all the profiles that are interested in your job card. You then go through the profiles. It is crucial that you give us feedback on all the profiles received, so we can have a clear indication of your preferences. Please note, that we cannot always send profiles of ladies that tick all your boxes, but we carefully select ladies that tick the most boxes. Obviously, we would want someone that ticks all the boxes, and we do get cases where that happens, we are thrilled about that then. But realistically it is not always possible.
  1. We do not have a limit on the profiles we send you, or on the number of interviews.
  1. When you identify the profile that you are interested in, you inform the recruiter. The recruiter will then arrange the interview with her, in a place you feel comfortable at.
  1. When you are satisfied that you found the right candidate, you must please send your employment offer to the recruiter.
  1. We will send the offer to the employee. If she accepts, we will let you know.
  1. We then send her the indemnity form, to do her criminal checks. (The employee then needs to go for her fingerprints).
Why do we not screen all candidates before they are placed?

To do criminal checks and ID verification there are financial implications Unfortunately, we cannot screen the hundreds of ladies before we place them. You have 100% the right to set the starting date of the employee after the checks are done.

  1. You will receive your invoice to be paid within 48 hours. You will also receive an email with an editable contract, guidelines, and work plan.

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