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for the employer

Recruitment Agency: from registration, collecting CV’s, interviews to hiring… The recruitment team will be by your side.


Register with us as an employer and pay an admin fee of R400.00

T's & C's

Agree to our terms and conditions (which are legally binding).


Private telephonic consultation with a recruiter.

Receive CVs

Receive suitable CVs according to your needs.


Conduct interviews with two possible candidates. 


Hire your nanny.

Criminal & all other checks

** We do criminal checks when placement is confirmed.



Pay your
placement fee.

Receive final documents

Receive employer guidelines, editable basic contract and a working plan

Please note that we do criminal checks as soon as a placement is confirmed, as each check cost us money. We do advise that starting date is after you have received the criminal report, but employers are free to ask for a starting date before checks are done, that would be at your own risk. We give the placed candidate 48 hours after placement to send us her indemnity form and do her fingerprints to do her checks.

** the registration fee is to cover initial admin on our database and to start the process to search for a suitable candidate.
Please note that this is required as the agency immediately starts searching for candidates.

As a courtesy, we would like to kindly ask if you would pay every candidate R40 per interview for their travel costs. We do understand that it is not actually your or our problem. But most of these ladies are unemployed and cannot afford to pay travel costs. You can pay this in cash to the lady after the interview.


for the employee


Complete the employee application form


Pay your R150.00 application fee to be on our database (refundable if application fails).

We'll get in touch

Telephonic interview with recruiters


If you meet our minimum requirements, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview.

Reference check

Your references will be contacted

Record report

Criminal record report


Verification of passport/permits/ID/driver’s license


Be invited to interviews

Get hired


terms & conditions