We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect nanny.

Our Recruit Agency’s process is thorough and efficient, ensuring the best match for your family. This article explains how our recruit agency works, from employer registration to the final placement, ensuring you receive top-notch service.

Step 1: Register as an Employer

The first step is to register as an employer. Follow the link under the “Employer Registration” tab in our menu. This process captures all the necessary details to help us match you with the perfect nanny.

Step 2: Pay the Registration Fee

After registering, you will need to pay a non-refundable registration fee of R400. This fee is payable immediately and allows us to start working on your job card. The registration fee covers the resources and time we dedicate to assisting you, even if a placement isn’t successful.

Step 3: Job Card Preparation

As soon as we receive your registration and fee, we start preparing your job card. This card includes all the details of your nanny’s requirements and preferences. Our recruit agency ensures that all your specifications are documented accurately.

Step 4: Select a Placement Package

When you register, you must choose a placement package. Each package offers different services and guarantees. The guarantee period provides a safety net, allowing you to request a replacement at no extra cost within a specified time frame (30/60/90 days). For more details, view our packages.

Step 5: Initial Contact

Upon receiving your registration, one of our recruiters will contact you to confirm and understand your requirements. This ensures we have all the information needed to start the search process effectively.

Step 6: Candidate Identification

Our recruiter will identify candidates who match your job description. Your job card, which includes salary details, workdays, and other important information, will be shared with potential candidates. They will notify us if they are interested and satisfied with the offer.

Step 7: Profile Review

The recruiter will send you the profiles of interested candidates. It’s crucial that you provide feedback on all received profiles, so we understand your preferences better. While we aim to find candidates that tick all your boxes, our goal is to find the best possible match.

Step 8: Unlimited Profiles and Interviews

We do not limit the number of profiles or interviews. You will receive as many profiles as needed until you find the right candidate. This ensures you have ample options to choose from.

Step 9: Arranging Interviews

Once you identify a profile you are interested in, inform the recruiter. The recruiter will arrange an interview at a location where you feel comfortable.

Step 10: Employment Offer

When you are satisfied with a candidate, send your employment offer to the recruiter. The offer will then be forwarded to the candidate for acceptance.

Step 11: Candidate Acceptance

If the candidate accepts the offer, we will notify you. The candidate will then be required to complete an indemnity form for criminal checks, including fingerprinting.

Step 12: Criminal Checks

Criminal checks and ID verification are done post-placement due to financial constraints. You can set the start date of employment after the checks are completed.

Step 13: Finalizing the Placement

You will receive an invoice to be paid within 48 hours. Additionally, you will receive an editable contract, guidelines, and a work plan to formalize the employment.

Choosing the right nanny is a significant decision, and we are committed to making this process smooth and successful. By following these steps, we ensure you find a nanny who is not only qualified but also a perfect fit for your family’s needs. Trust our recruit agency to help you find the ideal caregiver for your children.

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